How would you like to expand the universe of Nana Barb – an Amazon bestselling sci-fi adventure story?

If you have read Nana Barb: Lost In Time (available on AmazonWaterstones and Kindle) and can envision a future, past or present for Barbara then pick up a pen and let the tentacles of the Fates help guide you.

Invent a plot that can fit into the Nana Barb storyline and you will become a published authorwin a signed copy of the sequel and be entitled to 10% of the profits of the book*. Second and third placed writers will also win a signed copy of the book and will have their stories published on the website.

So, what adventures do you see the main characters embarking on and what will be their fate?  What will develop in the Nana Barb universe and where in space and time will it occur?

But don’t get lost in time yourself, the final submission date is December 24th and your contribution to the Nana Barb cosmos must be no longer than 2000 words. Simply email your story to to register your entry.

So make yourself a decent cup of tea, watch out for Time Police and just try not to cause the universe to collapse in the meantime.


*Prize capped at £5,000 of profits.