Review: Embassytown by China Mieville

Humanity has been described as the story-telling animal. Our society is shaped by history but our fictions, in many ways, have just as much power over us. From the stories that we share in literature and film, to the lies we tell ourselves and each other – fictions are essential to the way we view others, as well as ourselves. (more…)

Revolutionary…or just a shot in the dark?

A post-apocalyptic world, re-establishing itself in the aftermath of a global electricity blackout, forms the premise of new sci-fi drama Revolution. An interesting idea; current societal interest in new forms of energy, as a result of the persistent exhaustion of our natural resources, is high, the onset of global warming is also of prevalent concern at the moment, both of which lend themselves well to new dystopian, post-apocalyptic imaginings.

The first episode, however, leaves me wondering if that’s as far as it goes… an interesting idea that’s not too far outside the scope of the audience’s imagination, but no solid foundation. (more…)