Nana Barb

Welcome to the site for the Adventure of Nana Barb series of books. On here you will find bonus material, a blog about all things science-fiction and unique competitions to win signed copies of the book.

The Adventures of Nana Barb is an interactive story, which means readers will be invited to contribute towards the project. There will be an interactive treasure hunt coming soon, and if you navigate to the competition page you can find out how you can win royalties from the next book in the series by contributing to the characters and storyline.

The Adventures of Nana Barb, Book 1: Lost in Time has been published by ecademy Press and will be available from all good bookstores from 4th September 2012. Navigate to the links on the right to find out where you can buy the book, which will be available in paperback and eReader format.

The Adventures of Nana Barb is above everything a social project. A novel isn’t just owned by its author; it’s also owned by its readers, by all writers that have come before, and by society as a whole. Even the most imaginative stories are built upon the ideas of others, and with the Nana Barb series I have attempted to embrace this idea. As such, please get involved as much as you can. There are the social media pages where you can share your thoughts, criticisms or praise, the competitions that will be incredibly interactive and with subsequent novels in the series you can even be credited for contributing towards the books.